Starting With Me

Professional women are now powerhouses, filling seats that historically has been only for men. The game is the same but the players now dress in skirts and high heels. Of course there are many doors that are still tightly sealed for only Tom, Dick and Harry, but time is rapidly changing.

There are only 24 hours in a day, for most men, the day ends at 5pm, but for professional women, their second job starts at 5pm. Time to unravel from a crazy day at work usually happens on the drive or the train ride home.

Women empowerment ends, as we walk through the revolving doors from career into family life, but does it have to be like this? Women are sometimes under the assumption that we need to do it all to be successful.

A smart, confident woman makes realistic expectations. Deciding to take up a career means reorganizing other parts of your life. Family, home, social, health, beauty and other priorities have to be handled with care. The one thing to remember is, we do not have to be perfect in everything. Handing over some responsibilities does not make you less of a wife, mother or woman.

Yes, yes, as women we constantly feel the need to prove ourselves, mainly to ourselves. The disease called “impressing others” need to disappear. So what if I have a cleaning service, does that mean, I can’t clean? No, it means, my priorities are in check, and I choose to spend that extra time with my family. Priorities today, may not be listed in the same order tomorrow.

Slight changes can be adapted to make your second job easier. Cook simple foods on weekdays, set up automatic bill payments, have someone else pick up the groceries, in other words simplify your life.

Honestly, what difference does it make in deciding who does the task or how it is done, the ultimate goal is to get it done. To value your time, really means to prioritize the use of it and to manage each minute with value.

Gone are those days when people ask, “do you know how to sew?” “Sew, what is that?” “Did you make the food from scratch?” The only sentence I can think of with scratch is, please scratch my back.

Ask for help when needed, say no to invitations, make one dish for your guests or just buy new socks and do the laundry later. Come on isn’t this the reason you decided on a career anyway.

Trust me, empowering yourself is empowering everyone around you. Indulge yourself, use your time and money to make the best you.
Bibi Khan

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